Our Philosophy

There are two sides to today’s food sector. On the one hand, we see a highly competitive industry that is of major economic importance. The various links in the chain combine to form a well-oiled machine that makes an abundance of food available to the consumer at the very lowest prices.

However, the constant need to move large volumes along the chain at the lowest possible price is taking its toll like never before. It has a suffocating effect on innovation, making it clear that the food sector will not be able to optimally respond to the real demand of the consumer of the future in the long term.

On the other hand, we see a sector that is not operating based on power, but more on force. The focus is not on the product and price, but on chain cooperation, authenticity, tradition, sustainability, differentiation, and the social role it performs.

We at TLANT believe in a new model for the chain. We believe in new coherence between healthy food, local farmers, and the land itself. Greater coherence provides more oxygen for entrepreneurship and the necessary leeway that result in the creation of added value for the consumer!

We want to evolve from a dead-end power model built around the 4 Ps (Power, Price, Product, and Profit) to a revolutionary force model built around 4 Cs: COOPERATION, COMMUNITY, CONSUMER, AND CONTINUITY.

At Tlant, it's all about simplicity...

That might seem simple, but to us, it's magic!