For Professionals

Pimp Your Buffet

Granola Jars & Woody Breakfast Dash

It’s just as cool as it sounds! Four beautiful glass pots for stylishly presenting the TLANT granola. Plus, a lovely, matching sign, made from 100% recycled wood, with useful product information. These materials are sure to give your buffet presentation a boost. Lift it up!

Tempt Your Guests

Experience Box for Granola Crackers

Are all your crackers in a row? They can be! This is super-handy if you want to offer your guests a great overview of the available flavour's. Made of gorgeous wood so that the natural character of both the crackers and the biodegradable packaging is emphasised even more!

Take It To The Next Level

Funky Mash Dash as a Jam Presentation

A breakfast table or buffet without jam is like a pub without beer! But when you have several flavours, it can often get cluttered quickly. TLANT has found a solution to this problem. A lovely tree trunk in which we have made precise cut-outs so that a jam jar fits inside perfectly. Naturally, there are also very easy-to-read nameplates. There’s no more room for mistakes now!

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