Granola - Variety Bundle (4x 1 kg)

€59,95 €79,80you save €19,854.0 kg / 100 servings
Gluten-freeLactose-freeNo refined sugars


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Discover a world of flavors with the Granola Variety Bundle! Enjoy delicious flavors such as Sneaky Cinnamon, Crumbling Coconut, Shocking Chocolate, and Whizzy Walnut that will give you an unforgettable breakfast experience.

Our granolas are expertly baked and sweetened with natural date syrup. They make a perfect topping for your yogurt or a fantastic addition to your smoothie bowl. Each flavor offers delectable ingredients that are sustainable and authentic. Why settle for just one flavor? Experience them all!



Country of origin: The Netherlands 🇳🇱
Country of production: The Netherlands 🇳🇱