TLANT Dispensers

Elevate Your Breakfast Experience

Transform your breakfast experience with TLANT's Dispenser - the pinnacle of efficiency and style. Enhance your guests' morning routine with a touch of sophistication and the ultimate convenience.

High-Quality & Sustainable

Discover the elegance and efficiency of our top-tier dispensers

Beautifully Designed

Designed by artists, TLANT dispensers blend luxe walnut wood and sleek black-coated steel to complement your decor.

Simple & Hygienic

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional dispensers. Our user-friendly solution means no mess, no stress, and a hygiene boost for your buffet.

Efficient & No Waste

Our innovative 'Crispy Cup Tube' keeps edible waffle cups at the ready, ensuring a streamlined, waste-free serving experience without single-use plastic.

Flavor Showcase

Delight your guests with a burst of flavor from our five Funky Fruit Mash flavors, as well as our brand new peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut spread, and pure Acacia Honey.

Future-proof Your Breakfast

Ready to revolutionize your breakfast experience? Our Dispenser is available as a jam, chocolate spread, and hazelnut dispenser. Contact us today to make your service SUP-free and future-proof!

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Join us in reimagining the breakfast experience.Your guests deserve the best.